Final Submission Checklist

After your journal article has been accepted for publication, please review the following checklist to prepare your manuscriptfor final submission. You will also be required to submit a completed copyright transfer agreement, along with yourmanuscript, to The Society of Naval Architects of Korea (SNAK) as a part of your final submission.


The article title, names and affiliations of authors in the cover page should be prepared in a bilingual format, withKorean first and English second. Abstract, the titles of all tables and figures, and all references should be written inEnglish. The body text can be written in either Korean or English.


The required elements of journal articles consist of cover page, article title, abstract, body text, tables (optional), figures(optional), and references.

Corresponding Author

Contact information of the corresponding author should be listed at the bottom of the cover page. In the case of multipleauthors, the corresponding author should be noted. If no corresponding author is specified or only one author is listed,the lead author is assumed to be the corresponding author by default.

Abstract and Keywords

Abstract should be written in English and its length is 200 words or less. Keywords should be prepared in English first,followed by Korean in parenthesis. The number of keywords should be 4 to 6.

Tables, Figures, Photos, and Equations

Titles of all tables and figures should be prepared in English. Photos should be properly formatted, and the equationsshould be appropriately sized.

References and Citations

All references should be prepared in English and arranged in alphabetical order. The reference list should reflect all thecitations from the body text, and the references cited in the body text should appear in the reference list. Referencesand citations should be prepared following the guideline in โ€œInstructions for Authorsโ€.


Hancom(a word process) is SNAK's preferred file format for manuscript. Other word processors are also acceptable, aslong as their formats follow that of Hancom.