JSNAK Journal of The Society of Naval Architects of Korea

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Instructions to Authors

Peer Review Process

Submitted manuscripts will be accepted for peer review as long as they meet the standards of the journal and remain within its scope. Manuscripts will be reviewed by a panel of three experts. A member of the Editorial Board or a researcher with similar qualifications will give their opinions on whether or not the article is of sufficient significance for publication.

Research and Publication Ethics

In the case that policies on research and publication ethics are not given, International Standards for Editors and Authors
http://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and-authors) will apply.

References and Notes

For in-text citations and references, use Harvard's short reference system for citations in the text. For example, “Hamel (2000) suggests...” or “Lee and Kim (2005) found that...” or “A study of economic change (Nelson, et al., 1982) has shown that ……”. For more information, visit http://libweb. anglia.ac.uk/referencing/havard.htm. Footnotes should be avoided, if possible. Instead, it is preferred that any brief notebe placed in numerical order following the (alphabetically arranged)reference list.
Only published works should be referenced.

Final Submission Checklist and Copyright Transfer Agreement

The final submission checklist and the Copyright Transfer Agreement can be found during the submission process via homepage.

Submission and Publication Fee

Submit onlineto http://www.snak.or.kr
Publication fee is KRW300,000 for 8 pages or less. Additional pages will be charged (KRW30,000 per page). 30
offprint copies are free.
Inquiry: editor@snak.or.kr, +82-2-3452-2371

Journal Subscription

A subscription to the journal can be obtained after registering with the Society.

Use of Cross Check

CrossCheck is used to detect plagiarisms or duplications.